Special Orders

At Veronicandles we understand that not everyone has the same preference for scents. We have a large selection of fragrances that you could choose from to custom make your perfect candle as well as unscented candles. Please understand that we have a two candle minimum for custom orders.

The available scents we have to choose from are:

  1. vanilla
  2. brown sugar
  3. cinnamon
  4. coconut
  5. cucumber mint
  6. eucalyptus (essential oil only)
  7. gardenia
  8. fig
  9. fresh cut grass
  10. honeysuckle
  11. jasmine (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  12. lavender (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  13. leather
  14. lemon (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  15. lemongrass (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  16. rosemary (essential oil only)
  17. magnolia
  18. musk
  19. orange (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  20. orange blossom
  21. patchouli
  22. peppermint
  23. red currant
  24. rose bouquet
  25. rose (essential oil only)
  26. sage
  27. sandalwood (essential oil and fragrance oil)
  28. greentea lemongrass
  29. tobacco leaf
  30. vetiver (essential oil only)
  31. lemon verbena
  32. pink grapefruit
  33. fir needle (essential oil only)
  34. pine

***If you are one of our local customers requesting a special order for pickup, please click here to place your order***

Please email us at support@veronicandles.com for more information.